Boarding at CAMP OMAR'S

Reservations are required so please call ahead for availibility.

All Birds

$18.00- $20.00 per night

Small Birds in Their Own Cage

$12.00- $15.00 per night

Each Additional Small Bird

in the Same Cage

$6.00- $9.00 per night

Additional charges may apply for special requirements and handling.

If you need to travel and leave your bird behind, be assured that the birds at CAMP OMAR'S receive the best possible care in a clean, safe, supervised environment. Boarders are surrounded by other bird friends, visiting customers and the OMAR'S staff. In fact, OMAR'S has discovered that birds experience less separation anxiety when surrounded by other birds and that ensures your return to a happy pet. OMAR'S boarding facilities are equipped with a television and sound systems where birds can watch cartoons or listen to jungle sounds.

CAMP OMAR'S welcomes all birds as long as they have been tested for Psittacosis, Polyoma and PBFD. At check in, boarders are evaluated with their owner to ensure their stay at OMAR'S is as comfortable as possible. Special requests are welcomed, such as a special diet or favorite toy.

Should a bird become ill during its stay, OMAR'S has an experienced staff to assist in its care and avian vets on call. Boarding rooms are monitored, alarmed and secured with steel gates at night.

Boarding Your Bird