Whether you are planning to buy your first bird, or acquire a second, there are a few things you should know about taking proper care of your feathered companion. 

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In-Home Consultations

Avian behavior is a complex issue, but most problems are solved by having someone who truly understands a bird's needs, show you how to handle them. Omar Gonzalez says that showing people how to better bond with their bird is one of the greatest rewards of his business. He loves talking to bird owners about how to care for their pets and teaching them training methods that lead to better behavior.

As part of an in-home consultation, Omar will analyze your bird's environment, daily habits, dietary needs, interactions with others, and offer training tips to address behavioral issues.

In-home consults are $250. Consults farther than 20 miles from either store may require a travel fee. To schedule an appointment, please call one of the stores or send an email to omar@omarsexoticbirds.com

Caring for your bird