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Potty Training

I am always being asked how to potty train your bird. Hopefully you can visualize what I am writing below and soon your bird will be potty trained. Be consistent and reinforce it often once he’s got it down. Potty training is easier than you would think.

To begin, hold your bird for a while, approximately 20 minutes. Take your bird back to his perch or his cage and set him down. Tell him to “Go potty.” Tell him this, two or three times. If he does it, say, “Good boy,” and make a big deal about it. Pick him up and hold him for another 20 minutes. If when you put him back, he did not go potty, just walk away, keep an eye on him and watch to see when he does go potty. As soon as you see him go, run back to the cage and say, “Go potty, good boy, good boy, go potty.” Then pick him up and hold him for 20 minutes again. Repeat the process two or three times.

This will take you approximately one hour. Try to practice this every day for a few days. Most of the time, he will pick this up on the first day. Once again, he learns the words, “Go potty,” and he knows what it means. Once he’s better at it, you will be able to take him around the house, hold him over a trash can and tell him to “Go potty.” This is very impressive to your friends.

Just a word of caution: Always teach the bird to go in different places. You don’t want to teach him to go in only one place. He can have trouble if he only learns to go in one place and holds it too long. This is not healthy for him. He is able to hold it for hours if needed. Remember that he won’t poop at night but he will have a big one in the morning. You will be able to enjoy having him with you without messing on you for longer times now. Sometimes he will shift back and forth as a child does when he needs to go. Read your bird and you will have him go when necessary.

Potty training takes practice. In some birds it happens within minutes and with others it can take days. Bu t if you give him a lot of love and attention when he does something that you want him to do, he will in turn return the favor by doing this trick and enjoy pleasing you.


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